Shell Ridge Farms produce is cultivated using hydroponic, aeroponic, and sustainable growing methods. Our indoor vertical farm in Placer County operates without the use of GMO's, pesticides or herbicides. Nurture yourself and others with highly nutritious, freshly harvested microgreens. Cut just above the roots, microgreens and shoots are vegetable, lettuce and herb seedlings sown densely and carefully harvested.

Pea Shoots

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    Net WT 4oz. lg. clam/8oz. bag; Colfax, Ca

  • Pea Shoots

    Shell Ridge Farms Pea shoots have tender light green translucent stems with several petite, ovate bright green leaves growing at the top. The leaves of pea shoots are tender and the stems offer a crisp texture and earthy aroma. Pea shoots have a nutty, sweet flavor similar to that of whole peas but slightly milder. They are often described as tasting like spring. Pea shoots are very high in Vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting and other body processes. They are also full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and folic acid. For peak nutritional value, pea shoots are best served fresh, lightly steamed, or sauteed. They are excellent in salads and stir fries. Pea shoots make a great garnish atop pizzas or soups, and are a nice addition to green smoothies.