Shell Ridge Farms aims to empower people to grow their own nutrient dense and flavorful produce at home or anywhere else they'd like. With the Shell Ridge Farms 20w Grow System we make it easy to grow high quality nutrient dense, flavorful microgreens and ensure you and your family have a steady supply to enjoy. We've designed the grow system to produce the highest amount of nutrient dense greens in the smallest amount of space. We bring the same technology and growing methods to the SRF 20w Grow System that we use on our commercial farm that provides flavorful produce to restaurants and groceries accross Northern California. Our intuitive software not only helps maximise the amount of greens you can grow over time, but also tracks your nutrional intake while you progress, a truly complete system. Microgreens can be grown in a variety of ways from simply germinating seeds in paper towels to aboard the ISS using NASA's EC technoolgy. However you decide to grow your greens, the idea is the same, growing the most nutrient dense produce per sq ft possible. Join our network and start growing fresh Microgreens along with other farmers all accros the country!

         Growing your own nutrient dense produce can help ensure you and your family recieve the maximum amount of nutirition daily. As the mainstream food supply becomes increasingly devoid of nutrition, you can mititgate the effects by growing your own flavorful produce at home. The SRF 20w Grow System's subscription (included) produces over $250 in retail Microgreens over 3 months. Choose to continue your subsciption for another 3($55), 6($100), or 12 ($160) months and receive all the supplies you'll need to continue enjoying your fresh cut produce year round. You can always purchase your own medium and seeds from another source if you would prefer. The system fits all standard size trays!

Choose from either a WIFI Smart Plug or a Wall Timer.

Choose from a variety of seeds each with their own nutritional value and flavors.

Every Shell Ridge Farms 20w Grow System is hand crafted and stained Cherry wood. We utilize 3D printing technology to manufacture custom proprietary parts for the system. Our systems can be customized and are scalable. Please email us for more information. Thank you for stopping by!


Shell Ridge Farms 20w Grow System

  • Whats included:

    Hand Crafted Cherry Wood system frame with LED Grow light. - Fully Assembled with 3D printed pieces.

    8 High Quality Durable Grow Trays

    4 Medium Grow Plate Inserts

    24 Hemp Grow Mats

    Seed Options

    Smart Plug or Timer

    Water Containers and Spray Bottle

    Also Included:

    Every Shell Ridge Farms 20w Grow System comes with a 3 month subscription which includes seeds, growing medium, organic plant food, PH solution, access to our Agricultural Information Vault, Nutrition Tracker, Complete Grow Guide, Recipes, and our Custom Scheduling and Notification Software.


  • Notifications and Nutrition Tracker

    We've designed the perfect tool to track not only your growing cycle but also your nutritional intake as you progress.

    Simply fill out the form when you plant a tray, and the Nutrient Tracker will send you instructions and notifications. It will also track your total nutrient intake and offer you ideas on how to enjoy your fresh cut produce.

  • Agricultural Information Vault

    Your subscription gives you access to our growing database of useful information related to Agriculture and more. We use an intuitive information managment system that is easy to navigate and assists in  further generating new ideas. The Vault is continuously growing and includes educational info and detailed health and nutritional information. Please watch the video posted above for more information on the Ag Vault and Subscription Page.