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     At Shell Ridge Farms, we are passionate about growing fresh produce and sharing our love for culinary herbs, microgreens, shoots, and specialty produce. Our grow system produces a consistent blend of greens perfect for a nutrient dense and flavorful salad. Begin with tender Pea Shoots or Crunchy Sunflower Shoots as the base. Then, enrich your salad with a variety of microgreens and herbs, adding abundant nutrition, vibrant color, and incredible flavor. One of the unique advantages of using the Shell Ridge Farms 20w Grow System is that it allows users to grow the same high-quality microgreens and herbs that are popular and sought after by chefs in the culinary world. You can grow with soil, hydroponically, or use the grow system for seedling starters. By using the growing methods and technology applied in our commercial farm producing flavorful and nutritious produce for restaurants and groceries, individuals can cultivate their own nutrient-dense greens with exceptional taste right in their own homes.

     Having these greens available in the home kitchen not only adds a burst of flavor to dishes but also provides a source of fresh, nutrient-dense produce. It also empowers individuals and families to take control of their nutrition and food sourcing by growing their own high-quality greens. We believe that ensuring you and your family receive all the nutrition they deserve is essential. Before we made farming our primary focus, we were passionate about creating grow systems for individuals to cultivate their own produce at home. Now, we are proud to offer the Shell Ridge Farms 20w Grow System, which is designed to help people grow high-quality microgreens with ease.
     Our grow system is perfect for seasoned gardeners as well as beginners, as it is intuitive and user-friendly. The system's software helps maximize the amount of greens you can grow over time and tracks your progress, making it a truly complete system.
     Overall, the Shell Ridge Farms 20w Grow System brings the benefits of commercial-grade growing technology and methods right into the home kitchen.
     By joining our network, individuals can start growing fresh microgreens and share their experiences alongside other farmers all across the country.  Please email us if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by!


SRF Nutrient Dense Salad System

  • Whats included:

    We recommend you start with the carfully selected "Farmers Choice" seed option which includes both Soil and Soiless Medium along with the following greens:

    -Micro Broccoli

    -Micro Amaranth

    -Pea Shoots

    -Radish Shoots

    -Micro Leek

    -Micro Dill

    You can choose to renew the same option or customize your own seed and medium subscription. Choose from any of the seeds on our produce list. All of which can be cultivated on the 20w Grow System!

        You have the option to grow hydroponically or with soil and the 20w System is also perfect for starting seedlings. By germinating one tray on top while another is growing, you can ensure a steady supply of fresh, cut goodness!

    -High Quality Fully Assembled Frame

    -20 watt LED Grow Light (avg. $2.50 per month to operate)

    -8 High Quality Durable Grow Trays

    -6 Hemp Grow Mats

    -6 Packs or Organic Soil for Microgreens

    -Seed Options

    -Smart Plug Timer

    -Spray Bottle

    Also Included:

    -Every Shell Ridge Farms 20w Grow System comes with a 12 harvest subscription which includes seeds, growing medium, organic plant food, PH solution, Nutrition Points, Complete Grow Guide, Recipe Finder, and our Custom Scheduling and Notification Software. (Each subscription produces $120 in retail value microgreens). You can  keep the subscription going or use your own seeds and medium as well.


  • Notifications and Nutrition Points,

    When planting a tray, simply complete the form and let our Nutrient Tracker do the rest. You'll receive instructions and notifications throughout the growing process, as well as recipe ideas to savor on harvest day. Plus, the more trays you plant, the more Nutrition Points, you'll earn, which can be exchanged for seeds, supplies, and subscriptions.

  • Grow Guide

    With your subscription, you can tap into our comprehensive growing database that covers various aspects of Agriculture and beyond. Our user-friendly information management system is intuitive and easy to navigate. The Grow Guide contains all of the information you'll need to cultivate fresh Micros, Herbs, and Seedlings featuring educational and detailed health and nutritional information. It's continuously expanding, ensuring that you always have access to the latest information.

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