IntensiTEA – Some of your favorite Organic Teas blended with Matcha, Lemongrass and a full serving of dried Micro Broccoli powder in every 8oz cup. This blend has Intense Nutritional Value with a medium to high caffeine rating. We dehydrate our fresh-cut Broccoli Microgreens and blend them with Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea, Yerba Matte, Roobios, Matcha & Lemongrass. Enjoy a cup or two served hot or over ice and give yourself a nutrient filled pick me up!
Suggested Serving Size: 1 heaping teaspoon
25 servings - 1.25oz

All of our teas are Certified Organic by the Colorado Department of Agriculture

Micro Broccoli grown in Organic Soil.

Nutrient DensiTEA

  • One Serving of Micro Broccoli per 8oz cup!

    Mixed in with every organic tea tin are 25 servings of Micro Broccoli Powder. We harvest the micro broccoli fresh and dehydrate it low temperature to preserve its nutritional value. A serving of Nutrient Dense Micro Broccoli Powder in every cup.

  • Micro Broccoli is Highly Nutritious!

    Hearty, crunchy Micro Broccoli might be one the most healthy foods on the planet! Widely acclaimed for their health benefits, Micro Broccoli hold an abundance of nutrients. They are a rich source of antioxidant and anticancer compounds such as sulforaphane. They’re high in vitamin C and contain proteins that help to protect vision, revitalize tissue, calm inflammation, and detoxify the body. Plus they taste great!