We're excited to welcome our new Micro Cilantro Infused Sea Salt. We've taken one of our most popular fresh-cut greens, dehydrated them, and added them to fine Kosher Sea Salt Flakes.

Its been an honor to work with some amazing local chefs and great to receive weekly feedback on our new products and produce. From the Bay Area to the Sierra Foothills, we appreciate all the feedback we've been given by these professionals.

We hope you enjoy our Micro Cilantro Infused Kosher Salt Blend!

Micro Cilantro grown in Organic Soil.

Micro Cilantro Infused Kosher Sea Salt Flake

  • Nutrient Dense Seasoning

    Our Micro Cilantro Infused Salt is made with 100% Kosher Fine Sea Salt Flakes. After the Micro Cilantro reaches peak freshness, we harvest and dehydrate at low temperature preserving flavor and nutritional value. We immediately insfuse the Micro Cilantro into the salt and let sit for 2 weeks before offering them to our customers.

  • Ingredients

    100% Kosher Sea Salt, Micro Cilantro. Nt wt: 3oz

    Try Cilantro Infused Salt on top of your Steak, Tacos, Eggs, Tofu, and More!