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Frequently Asked Questions

Shell_Ridge_Farms_Logo(New Tag)-1.png

How do you decide which Vendors to work with?

-We carefully select products from ranchers, farmers, and artisan producers, in Northern California, who adhere to the highest standards and agricultural practices. We will be adding to our selections, based on customer feedback.

What is your current delivery schedule?

-We currently deliver either on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, depending upon your geological location, between the hours of 4pm-8pm. We will connect with you prior to your first delivery to coordinate and confirm the best delivery window. You will receive an email when your delivery is on the way, and another email to let you know that it has been delivered.

Do you charge a delivery fee for your service?

- We charge a flat delivery fee of $10. Spend a minimum of $100 on any order and receive FREE delivery. In addition, we offer a Microgreen Bundle for 1/2 Off Delivery on your entire order.

Why do you prefer all orders be placed the week prior to delivery?

- We bring products to your doorstep directly from the producers, who all have production schedules we must accommodate.  Some producers require a longer lead time, which will be listed on their product page.  Each of our vendors produces a unique product, hand made and prepared fresh. We ask that you order by the Friday prior to your delivery week in order to give amble time to our vendors to create and prepare your items.  You can also sign up for one of our weekly delivery subscription so your order will automatically be included in our supplier’s production schedule.

How does my delivery come packaged and boxed?

-It is very important to us that you receive all of your items properly stored and temperature controlled. Each one of our customers receives a soft cooler, containing specifically designed ice packs and freezer bags, to maintain the proper temperature. 


If I’m not home, how long can my delivery stay on my porch?

-We are happy to meet any special accommodations needed to further ensure the quality of your deliveries. We can easily leave your cooler bags behind a gate or in a garage fridge. In general, we recommend that your cooler bag be left out for no longer than 2 hours on the porch. 

Can I order certain items on a weekly basis or in advance?

-Absolutely! We highly recommend you order in advanced by creating a Custom Subscription Plan to guarantee that you receive all the fine foods you'd like. By ordering ahead you help strengthen our network and cut down on waste. Most importantly, subscribing helps us directly connect you to the producer. Please email us directly for more information.

How often do you add new products to the SRF store?

-Our promise to you is that we are consistently seeking out new products and producers to add to our selection for our customers to enjoy. Our weekly newsletter will keep you abreast of all of our new products and services, as well as Chef inspired recipes and cooking tips.

Can I pause, change, or cancel my subscription and membership at any time?

-Yes, absolutely.

What are the benefits of supporting local farmers, ranchers, and producers?

-Our local farmers, ranchers and producers respect the land, the animals and you.  They are not in this for the money but they do deserve our support. These people do not cut corners to make an extra buck.  There are no corporate interests pushing for a higher stock price.  They all take pride in producing their product in the traditional manner, in order to bring you the flavors you remember and all of the nutrition found only in authentic foods.

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