Empowerment in Agriculture


What is the message.

  All the following assets represent an infinite variety of upwards paths in education and employment
       every person at every level can participate in maximizing their abilities, productivity, and monetary security
  Vision:  Circular Economy / decentralized economy
            new culture based on individual productivity
            based on revamped Capitalism that puts individual productivity at the heart of citizenship.
               much more extensive use of Capitalist principles
                   every activity is paid.
                   every use of resources is valued.
                       the commons is capitalized and accounted for.(environmental responsibility comes from costing everything)
  Regenerative Economy:
       Activities designed to rebuild the economy and social structure:
           one person at a time
           one family at a time
           one household at a time.
       One Nation composed of people, families and homes devoted to the central political reality of productivity at all levels.
  We are an infrastructure company.  We do both bits and atoms.
       Agricultural infrastructure
           Controlled Environment Agriculture.
               Microgreen Units
               Greenhouse Units.
               Johnson-Su derived composting
           Agricultural Sensors
               soil moisture
               soil temperature
           Plant phenotyping
               Camera based phenotyping
               Spectral phenotyping
               MultiSpectral scanning

       Computing infrastructure
           Linux Automation.
               container utilization
           Web design
           Database design and usage
               use of computing in tracking and developing financial resources.

       Nutritional infrastructure
           Nutritional Density
           Nutritional Leverage hypothesis
           Protein Leverage hypothesis

       Educational infrastructure
           blockchain records all actiivties and forms an educational portfolio for employment.
           All courses require an understanding of maths and compositional literacy
               Nutritional Density vs high processed high palatable poor foods
               3d printing
               3d modeling

       Manufacturing infrastructure
           3d printing
           fusion 360
           cnc machining
           reflow ovens


  A circular regenerative economy that includes personal production and decentralized
  empowerment of individuals and fosters cooperation to create new economics and new
  economic activity.
  A regenerative vision of the future based on a combination of education
  food science combined with access to various forms of technology suitable
  for use by individuals.

  Network/Circular Economy.  Growing job skills and employment by creating
  network of production, agriculture, technology enthusiast community.

  Microgreens represent the entry point to the concepts of nutrient Density
  and personal productivity.  

  Food security.  Create an environment where everyone becomes interested in quality nutrition
  and a gateway for everyone to grow their own food.

  We serve as the bridge between the world of high technology and
  the world of every day life.

  Microgreens, nutrient density and the technology bridge are ways to
  create a vision of the future which is exciting and can motivate people
  to enter the personal productivity enterprise.

  Microgreens are the entry point/wedge to allow people entry into the
  world of high personal productivity