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Complete Microgreen Nutrition

100% Pure
Freeze Dried Microgreen Powder

Unlock the power of Complete Microgreen Nutrition™ with the convenience of a flavorful freeze dried powder.
No extracts, no additives, just fresh cut highly nutritious microgreens in every jar.


The Stars of the show...


Micro Broccoli- Considered one of the healthiest greens on the planet, Micro Broccoli is a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals including the beneficial compound Sulfuraphane.


Pea Shoots-  What sets Pea Shoots apart is their high content of antioxidants, like beta-carotene and flavonoids, which help combat oxidative stress and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


Sunflower Shoots- Packed with essential vitamins like A, C, and E, Sunflower Shoots supports healthy skin, immunity, and antioxidant defense. They are also an excellent source of complete protein containing all the building blocks needed to form the essential amino acids.

Red Acre Cabbage- Bursting with vitamins C and K, essential for bolstering the immune system, promoting collagen production, and supporting bone health, Red Acre Cabbage is also abundant in antioxidants like anthocyanins that help fight oxidative stress and inflammation.


Zero Waste Means Zero Impact...

Here at Shell Ridge Farms we practice sustainable farming techniques and aim to have as little environmental impact as possible. We use only 100% organic soil sourced from a rigorously tested company with the most high quality ingredients. Recent studies have shown that many widely consumed supplements and powders contain dangerous levels of heavy metals.(1) Quality plants start with quality in seed and soil. Knowing the source empowers you to take control of your nutrition.

1 Scoop (1/2tsp) = 1full serving of Microgreens
(40 Servings @ $1.62 per serving)

According to research by the American Institute for Cancer Research, freeze-dried foods retain the vast majority of the vitamins and minerals found in the original food, significantly more than those dehydrated (2). The research below indicates just how nutritious and beneficial to our health these greens can be...

Microgreens contain up to 40 times more nutrients compared to their mature counterparts. Some of these nutrients include vitamins C, E, and K. (3)


Studies done by Dr. Paul Talalay at John Hopkin’s University state that sulforaphane stimulates and releases the production of enzymes in our bodies that detoxify cancer-causing substances, and that it’s anticarcinogenic. (4)(5)
Studies found that bioactive compounds in broccoli microgreens may help reduce the risk of several chronic diseases, including type-2 diabetes (6)


Microgreens contain polyphenols with high antioxidant properties.  (7). These polyphenols can exert anticancer effects through a broad range of mechanisms, that includes cancer cell removal by modification of signaling pathways, inhibition of cell cycle events, and apoptosis induction(8)


Microgreens have high carotenoid and chlorophyll content and exhibit higher anti-diabetic activity than sprouts (12).


Microgreens contain significant levels of both microelements (iron and zinc) and macroelements (potassium and calcium) (9).


Microgreens are rich in plant polyphenols that help act against neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Their dietary intake may improve cognitive function and delay or prevent the onset of AD (10), (11).

Knowing the source empowers you to take control of your nutrition.

The 3 Step Process...

Harvest - First we harvest fresh sustainably grown Pea Shoots, Sunflower Shoots, Micro Broccoli, and Micro Red Cabbage.

Freeze Dry - Next we freeze dry the Microgreens using an incredible 3rd party source at Essential Origins/Infused Wholesale to guarantee the finest nutrient dense powder available. This process ensures a bio-available, water soluble, and flavorful powder ready to enjoy.

Jar and Serve - Lastly we hand jar, label and seal up the powder in (40 serving) containers that are shelf stable for up to a year.
Enjoy a 1/2 teaspoon serving of Complete Microgreen Nutrition™ in smoothies, on eggs, in dressings, or simply mixed into a glass of water.

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